Nexus NexPlayer

HLS Player SDK supporting Nexus Player and Lollipop 5.0 released by NexStreaming

A new version of the NexPlayer SDK, the leading HLS mobile player SDK, was just released by NexStreaming (KOSDAQ:139670) supporting the Nexus Player, Google’s new media box bringing high-quality videos to the living room. NexStreaming confirms its status as leader in the industry by offering the first SDK fully supporting the new version of Android (Lollipop 5.0) before release after already being a pioneer in solving device fragmentation by enabling HLS streaming services to Windows Phone 8, Windows RT applications and the Amazon Fire TV.

SetTopBoxes getting more popular in living rooms

Due to the introduction of the Google Nexus and the popularity of the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV, SetTopBoxes slowly are starting to show up in the living room providing direct access to a huge library of video content. Physical media are history, a SetTopBox gets all your favourite shows, home videos and movies on your big screen with the click of a button on your remote. At NexStreaming we are all very enthusiastic; the latest advances in the industry show the introduction of small and powerful devices, […]