360º Video Player SDK

The NexPlayer 360º Video Player SDK is the most advanced player for your multi-platform VR apps. Enable high quality HLS and DASH streaming or local playback of 360º video/VR content across any Android, iOS or Smart TV/STB video app or HTML5 browser. Deliver immersive experiences with perfect user experience, with or without VR headset and with all of the NexPlayer feature set

Why Nexplayer has the best video player for android?

3d Video and Audio

3D-360 stereoscopic content is supported (over/under and side by side). Enhance the immersive experience with Ambisonics 360º sound

Why choose nexplayer for streaming video?

Motion Sensor Navigation .

Our Motion Sensor algorithm creates an immersive 360 video navigation. Move your device to interact with the VR content


Headset Support.

Change during playback to VR mode and use your headset!


内容货币化 .

Use the NexPlayer Android player to integrate pre, mid, and post roll ads into your videos. Our Android player SDK supports the most popular client side and dynamic ad insertion formats including VAST, VPAID and VMAP.


360 Video Rendering.

Equirectangular and Cubemap 360 video rendering with HD resolution and HW-boosted premium video quality


Custom Navigation.

API for moving, rotating and zooming the view, enabling the app developer to move freely within the 360 video with custom controls.


Touch input navigation.

Use your fingers to interact with the 360 video content: Move, zoom and rotate!

360º Video Player SDK

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Frequently asked questions

NexPlayer’s Android player is created using our own proprietary code. This means that our Android player is built in-house. This means that our Android player does not use open-source technologies. We have the best video player for Android on the market because we have a passion for high quality video services and care about our customers.

Our Android player offers support for the latest services such as low latency, Widevine DRM, HLS and DASH streaming, ultra HD (4K & 8K) support, server-side ad insertion, dynamic ad insertion, 360 video and virtual reality, adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) and video on demand (VoD).

NexPlayer’s Android player supports all Android versions and devices since our player is built in-house unlike our competitors’ Android players who can only, for the most part, support Android 4.4 and onwards.

We offer 24/7 personalized support. This means you never need to submit a ticket to have your bug fixes resolved or new features added to the NexPlayer Android player.
Email us at contact@nexplayer.com

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