Achieve <3 second, synchronized, HTTP streaming using Videon’s EdgeCaster encoder in conjunction with workflow configurations that leverage AWS Elemental MediaStore, Amazon CloudFront and NexPlayer’s Player Application


We’ve worked with Videon, AWS Elemental MediaStore, and Amazon CloudFront to produce two workflow reports that simplify user’s low latency live streaming experience. When these workflows are implemented, the user can expect to achieve <3 second worldwide latency in scale. Plus, device synchronization can be achieved to ensure everyone is seeing content at the same time.

We produced a report that focuses on creating low cost, low latency, HTTP streaming workflows using AWS and NexPlayer with Videon’s EdgeCaster encoder. In this report, we validate and measure the latency using the NexPlayer player application on different platforms (phones, tablets, and browsers) when video is encoded by Videon’s EdgeCaster, ingested by AWS MediaStore, delivered by AWS CloudFront,  and played back via NexPlayer player technology.

The goal of the report is to clearly identify end to end workflow compatibility along with measuring the expected latency for different workflows.

The next report we produced focused on validating and documenting the process of setting up and configuring a workflow for HTTP Streaming using AWS services as well as identifying the expected results. We laid out configuration instructions so users can follow step-by-step instructions and have success when setting up an HTTP streaming workflow using EdgeCaster, MediaStore, CloudFront, open source players along with NexPlayer.


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