Player SDK for Android TV/STB & Fire TV

Unify your OTT platform under one player by supporting HLS & DASH with Widevine across all Android and Fire TV & Set-Top-Box video apps.

NexPlayer SDK for Android TV/STB

Support All Android TV & STB Devices

NexPlayer allows you to manage one player for all Android TV & Set-Top-Box devices, enabling advanced functionalities and making life easier for media organizations to manage their video apps.

NexPlayer SDK is optimized for every Android TV & ETC., providing hardware-boosted playback and continual upgrades so legacy devices are compatible with the latest technology. The number of Android TV users has doubled in the past year, so tapping into this market is more important than ever.

Our Android TV & STB Player SDK supports all NexPlayer SDK streaming and playback capabilities now in your Android and Amazon Fire TV & STB video apps.


Easy to integrate
NexPlayer SDK is very easy to integrate into any Android TV/ST App
Custom SDK

We provide a customized SDK for your Set-Top box / Android TV device for an optimized performance


支持 (HLS) 和MPEG-DASH,以及本地播放和渐进式下载

HD Video Quality



我们的智能自适应比特率 (ABR) algorithms ensure a best in class video experience in each STB device

Latest codecs and formats

支持H265, H264基线/主/高配置, AAC ...

Fully customizable


All subtitle and closed captioning formats

支持CEA 608/708, TTML, 3GPP, WebVTT插入, SMI, SRT, SUB多

Multiple integrated add-ons

Fully compatible with third party solutions in the audio, analytics and ad insertion areas


Compatible with Widevine DRM and any other DRM solution to prevent content theft

Customized technical support

24/7 最快和多用户支持

And much more!

Try Our Android & Fire TV/STB Player SDK

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