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The only Widevine Player SDK working in ALL Android and iOS devices

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Highest Video Quality Across all Devices and Platforms

NexPlayer SDK enables HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming with the highest video quality across all platforms and devices. Our Player SDK is not based on open source technology, which gives us the ability to constantly build new player features, fulfill any customer requirements and react very quickly to any issues. Thanks to a highly customizable feature set and our in-house developed ABR algorithms, NexPlayer SDK is chosen every day and everywhere by the largest OTT service providers.

NexPlayer with Widevine DRM Content Protection

Now you can have NexPlayer fully pre-integrated with Widevine DRM. You can stream your Widevine-secured HLS and DASH content to ALL iOS and Android devices with the premium quality and advanced feature set you trust. Our Widevine player works across ALL Android & iOS devices and versions without exception, making it the most powerful solution on the market.

100% In-House Developed Player

Unlike the majority of solutions on the market, we are proud to say that NexPlayer SDK is NOT based on open-source technology. Our expertise allows us to develop the latest features for our player, as well as reacting very quickly to customer issues, resulting in excellent customer support. User experience is our top priority. Discover why premium video service providers choose NexPlayer.

Latest Solutions

Low Latency

With our Low Latency Player, your users will enjoy live content faster than people watching live broadcast television at home.

Widevine DRM

NexPlayer comes pre-integrated with Widevine DRM..

HTML5 Player

The NexPlayer HTML5 player enables HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming across all browsers and devices with an advanced feature set including subtitles, analytics support, DRM content protection, time-shifting and more.