The Premium

Multiscreen Player SDK

For Video Apps

Widevine support in all Android and iOS devices with 24/7 customer support and not based on open source

One Media Player for All Devices and Platforms.

NexPlayer is a multi screen video player which is integrated into apps and websites of OTT services and video broadcasting companies to enable stable HLS and DASH streaming. NexPlayer supports the highest video quality across all devices (Android, iOS版, HTML5, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, and Android STBs) with ultra low latency.

Protect Your Streams and Content with Widevine DRM

NexPlayer offers fully pre-integrated with Widevine DRM. You can stream your HLS and DASH content securely using Widevine with the premium quality and advanced feature set your users need. Our Widevine DRM is compatible with all Android & iOS devices and versions, and across all Samsung Tizen Smart TVs without exception, 使其成为市场上最强大的解决方案.

*NexPlayer is a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner (鞭):

Ultra Low Latency

We understand that seamless user experiences depend on their ability to experience content live. NexPlayer has developed this ultra low latency technology to provide sub-3 seconds response times. Our ultra low latency feature makes streaming activities such as live sports and bidding easily achievable. Our ultra low latency feature is available in all Android, iOS版, Samsung Tizen, and HTML5 devices.

NexPlayer Services

24/7 Personalized Support​

Our experts keep our player updated with the latest features and respond rapidly to customer requests in order to provide excellent 24/7 personalized support.

100% 内部开发的播放器

NexPlayer’s code is 100% developed and controlled by our engineers in-house and is not based on risky open-source technology. Therefore, we do not collect your users’ data and we can quickly implement new features for your OTT services

User Experience

User experience is our top priority. Thanks to a highly customizable feature set and our in-house developed ABR algorithms, NexPlayer is chosen by the largest OTT services in the world to help drive their live streaming and broadcasting roadmaps.


Video Player for Android

The most widely used Android video player for Premium Android live streaming apps is capable of reducing device fragmentation and providing ultra low latency high quality HLS & DASH streams.

Our Android video player supports UHD resolutions (4K & 8K), VAST , VPAID , & VMAP ad insertion, 360 video and virtual reality (VR) and is fully compatible with Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick , and Android TV and set top boxes (机顶盒) .


Video Player for iOS

NexPlayer’s iPad & iPhone video player is the most comprehensive SDK for Premium iOS Video Apps . NexPlayer’s iPad & iPhone video player supports both HLS and DASH streaming, no matter the iOS device or version and ultra low latency with sub 3-second times and Widevine DRM protection .

Integrate the NexPlayer iPad & iPhone video player into your iOS apps and provide an outstanding video playback experience to your users with a highly advanced and customizable feature list which includes UHD resolution support (4K & 8K) , adapative bitrate (ABR) , 360 视频, virtual reality (VR), and VAST , VPAID , and VMAP 广告插播.


Samsung Tizen

NexPlayer’s premium Samsung Smart TV player for Tizen has been developed content broadcasting companies with a player that is user-friendly and which has modern streaming capabilities.

NexPlayer’s Samsung Smart TV player for Tizen supports HLS and DASH streaming across all models. Integrate the NexPlayer Samsung TV video player into your Samsung TV apps and provide an outstanding video playback experience to your users with a highly advanced and customizable feature list which includes UHD resolution support (4K & 8K), adaptive bitrate (ABR), and VAST, VPAID, and VMAP ad insertion.


Reasons why NexPlayer is the leading Android STB Player SDK

Video Player for Android STB

Our Android STB Player SDK supports all NexPlayer SDK streaming and playback capabilities in your Android STB/TV or Amazon Fire Stick TV app.

Integrate the NexPlayer Android STB video player into your Android apps and provide an outstanding video playback experience to your users with a highly advanced and customizable feature list. Our Android STB video player supports ultra low latency HLS & DASH streaming, UHD (4K & 8K), all subtitles, VAST, VPAID & VMAP ad insertion, adaptive bitrate (ABR), and 360 video & VR support.

360 视频播放器

360º Video Player SDK for Your VR Apps

该NexPlayer 360 Video Player SDK is the most advanced player for your multi-platform VR apps.

Enable high quality HLS and DASH streaming or local playback of 360 video and virtual reality (VR) content across any Android, iOS or Smart TV/STB video app or HTML5 browser. Deliver immersive experiences with perfect user experience, with or without a VR headset and with all of the NexPlayer features

HTML5 Video Player

Highest Quality HLS & DASH HTML5 Player

The NexPlayer HTML5 is a totally customizable media player that supports both HLS and DASH live Streaming with the highest UHD (4K & 8K) video quality with Adaptive Bitrate Technologies (ABR) across all platforms, 浏览器和设备. Our player provides Widevine, PlayReady, and FairPlay DRM across their respective browsers.

Premium OTT services can now provide an outstanding user experience everywhere thanks to ultra low latency with sub 3-seconds response times, an easily embeddable player and support for advanced advertisements using VAST, VPAID and VMAP ad insertion technologies & 360 视频 & virtual reality (VR) .


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