NexPlayer SDK

The Player SDK for your Premium OTT Apps

Deliver an outstanding user experience across all platforms and devices. Enable HLS and DASH Live Streaming with the highest video quality, an advanced feature set and a first-class customer support.

Key Features:

Intelligent ABR Algorithms

Our own technology provides the best streaming quality regardless of the bandwidth quality

Highest Streaming Video Quality

NexPlayer supports HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming across all devices and OS with HD video quality

Local Playback

NexPlayer supports both local content playback and progressive download

DRM Content Protection

Protect your content with our pre-integrated Widevine DRM players or add support for any other DRM solution


Our video player solutions support the most popular and advanced subtitles and closed-captioning formats, including CEA 608/709, WebVTT and TTML

Customizable Feature Set

NexPlayer offers video services the highest flexibility, allowing them to customize the player according to their needs: streaming protocols, formats, subtitles, DRM, third party add-ons...

Most Advanced Playback Capabilities

Our player solutions support time-shifting, trickplay, download, offline DRM, the latest codecs and formats, dynamic thumbnails, picture in picture...

Third Party Add-Ons

NexPlayer is fully compatible with the most popular third party technology providers in the areas of Analytics (Conviva, Agama) , Ad Insertion (VAST, Yospace, Vpaid) and Audio (Dolby, DTS) among many others

Customer Support

Our dedicated technical team provides 24/7 immediate and multichannel customer support

Player SDK Solutions

Player SDK

Android Player SDK for Mobile Apps

The Android Player SDK for mobile apps used by most video service providers worldwide. Enable HLS or DASH live streaming across all Android devices and OS and solve the device fragmentation problem with a feature set which includes all the latest innovations in subtitles, closed captions, DRM, third party add-ons and format support
Player SDK

Widevine Secure Player SDK

NexPlayer SDK with pre-integrated Widevine DRM content protection

HTML5 Player

An advanced HTML5 player. HLS and DASH streaming across all browsers in devices
Player SDK

Tizen Player SDK

All NexPlayer capabilities now for your Samsung Tizen Smart TV apps

NexPlayer for Unity Apps

The streaming video player for your multiplatform Unity apps
Player SDK

360 Video Player SDK

Enable the highest quality VR and 360 video streaming in your multiscreen apps.
Player SDK

Android STB/TV Player SDK

HLS/DASH player for Android TV/STB and Amazon Fire TV apps