SetTopBoxes getting more popular in living rooms

Due to the introduction of the Google Nexus and the popularity of the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV, SetTopBoxes slowly are starting to show up in the living room providing direct access to a huge library of video content. Physical media are history, a SetTopBox gets all your favourite shows, home videos and movies on your big screen with the click of a button on your remote.

At NexStreaming we are all very enthusiastic; the latest advances in the industry show the introduction of small and powerful devices, offered at good prices, providing access to HBO Go, local media, Netflix and other channels. Let us take you through today’s most popular boxes…

Google Nexus Player
The days of Google being solely a search engine are long gone. The company strives to offer a complete solution and next to the Chromecast, the new Google Nexus Player is a smart move to enter the living room. Learning from mistakes in the past (Google TV, Nexus Q), Google teamed up with Asus to create this flat, circular device. Its Android TV interface is simple and the link with other Google products surely will present exciting opportunities in the future. A gamepad can also be bought to play games downloaded from the Google Play Store. Not console like, but definitely a nice feature. Popular libraries like Spotify and HBO Go are not available, but the Google Cast can stream to the Android TV problems without problems. After working extensively with our partners, we are happy to communicate that our SDK is already supporting the Google Nexus player, even before release! Definitely worth a try in the future. A promising product and a good introduction for the public of the Android TV platform.

Amazon Fire TV

Direct access to Amazon content, many third party apps and the simple user interface make the Amazon Fire TV a decent streaming media player. However, many seem to hesitate due to the Amazon membership that is needed to get access to the Amazon library (comparable with a Netflix subscription). Also gaming, voice search and popular services such as HBO, Hulu Plus and Vevo are supported. Many of our customers already use the NexPlayer SDK to stream media to the Amazon Fire TV and deliver their media fast to the living room. Our HLS player SDK uses the latest technology and uses the same library as all our other devices. Amazon surely will keep improving and look at the competition and I am sure we can expect more advances the coming months.

Apple TV
Apple users already know this product for quite a while. A fine working streaming device streaming local iTunes media, as well as Netflix, Vimeo, and YouTube content right to your TV. For Apple users, it is a nice additional tool to stream media across the house without problems and long setup hours. Although they still have to work on offering more different content, the Apple TV is a typical Apple product. Simple, intuitive, powerful, but expensive.

There is surely already a set-top box that matches your needs and grants you access to your favourite media. It is a must for premium video service provides to provide their media through set-top boxes. This does not need big changes in current operations. The NexPlayer SDK can be easily integrated and works just like the phone version using the same libraries. We at NexStreaming will definitely keep an eye out for upcoming SetTopBoxes and make sure we are the first one to support it!

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