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NexPlayer with Widevine DRM Content Protection

Widevine Modular DRM is a royalty free Google technology including unlimited clients and access to the license servers. As a matter of fact, Widevine was created to offer a secure alternative to other DRMs and is quickly becoming the most widely used DRM on the market. Widevine is already embedded into 4.5 billion devices globally, including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, browsers, STBs, and mobile phones. As a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner (CWIP), NexPlayer has developed the only Widevine player working across ALL Android and iOS devices. Conversely, other video players are only able to support Widevine DRM on a limited number of devices.

By supporting the Common Media Application Format (CMAF), our Widevine player will allow you to simplify the encoding, packaging, and storage processes. CMAF specs provide a single streaming format for both Android and iOS, streamlining the video delivery process and improving efficiency. With CBC encryption, other video players can only provide Widevine in iOS above version 8.0 and Widevine in Android OS above version 7.0. These limitations exclude a vast majority of the market. Consequently, NexPlayer’s Widevine player is the primary choice for premium video service providers.

NexPlayer SDK is the only Widevine player on the market supporting HLS streaming with Widevine encryption. Moreover, NexPlayer SDK is the only Widevine player supporting HLS with CBC encryption and the Transport Stream (TS) digital container format. Other video players, however, can solely provide Widevine with DASH streaming. Thus, without NexPlayer’s Widevine player, companies that have already decided on HLS must move all of their content to DASH or use multiple DRMs. To clarify how NexPlayer’s Widevine player provides additional streaming options, see the chart below:

It's important to realize that with NexPlayer’s Widevine player, you can stream your Widevine encrypted HLS and DASH content to all your end-users, no matter the device. Furthermore, this is a market-proven solution that has already been deployed by a number of our customers on an international scale. Get ready to deliver an outstanding user experience.

Features Overview

Widevine Secured Streams
HLS & DASH Streaming of Widevine encrypted content
Multiscreen Player

Widevine encryption and content playback across all Android and iOS devices

All NexPlayer Features

All NexPlayer SDK streaming and playback capabilities: subtitle/closed captioning formats, offline playback, Chromecast support, time-shifting, multiple audio/video tracks, third party add ons...

Fully Customizable

Customizable feature set and API 


Supporting Common Media Application Format (CMAF). Encrypt your content once and re-use your streams across other platforms

24/7 Technical Support

Fast, customized and multichannel technical support

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